The Juicy Group

Fits Your Needs

We specialize in crafting custom, fresh juices, drinks, and ice products. Using 100% natural ingredients, with a basis of fresh fruits and vegetables, daily cold-pressed to retain vital nutrients. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Our Juicy Concepts

Freshness is our cornerstone. Our assortment spans fresh fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, shots, protein drinks, mocktails, and ice products. All begin with fresh 100% natural ingredients, cold-pressed daily to preserve flavor and nutrients. From juices to mocktails, we blend unique combinations for healthy enjoyment.


The Juicy Way

Our purpose at The Juicy Group is to harnass our expertise in 100% cold-pressed, daily fresh fruits and vegetables, infusing passion and craftsmanship into every product. With a combined heritage of more than 110 years, we have built sustainable partnerships and a deep market understanding, driving innovation in the fresh category. Our commitment to flexibility and providing customer solutions ensure we meet the unique needs of each customer. In our pursuit of growth, we are committed to caring for our people and the planet, fostering a safe and healthy work environment. Together with our partners, we strive towards a healthier, easier and more joyful lifestyle for everyone, everywhere.


Nothing Beats the Taste of Real Freshness

At The Juicy Group, freshness is paramount. We blend over 300 varieties of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs to create our delicious juices, drinks and ice concepts. Utilizing innovative techniques, our products are pure, flavorful, and overflowing with nature’s goodness.


Our Juicy Lab

Innovation is at our core. Our dedicated NPD department crafts the finest fruit and vegetable blends, drawing on 75 years of market expertise. Strategically aligning with trends and consumer desires, we collaborate with partners and utilize in-house labs to develop delicious, honest fresh food concepts, empowering brands, retailers and foodservice labels.


Our Juicy Worlds

Our mission is to make fresh fruit and vegetable juices accessible to everyone, while taking responsibility for the world around us. We’re committed to environmental responsibility, understanding the impact of our actions on the world and taking steps to minimize our footprint.


Proud to Work with our Partners

Partnerships drive our success. Collaborating closely with our partners, we pursue sustainable growth opportunities in the fresh category. With dedicated sales managers in each region and production facilities across three locations, we prioritize flexibility and strive to find optimal solutions for every customer, ensuring satisfaction and long-term relationships.