Pure Perfection

Our Cold Pressed Promise

At The Juicy Group, we uphold cold pressing as our conscious choice, never compromising on quality by avoiding any heating during production. Our process preserves vital nutrients, ensuring our products maintain their fresh, flavorful essence from the source. With over 80 meticulously selected fresh ingredients, we craft deliciously vibrant concepts, from juices to smoothies and beyond.
Delight In Extended Freshness

Prolonging Shelf Life

We use smart technology to extend shelf life while preserving freshness. Through cold-pressing, we avoid heating our juices, ensuring maximum quality. Our innovative HPP technology further extends shelf life without additives, maintaining taste, texture, and nutrition. Partners trust us to deliver truly fresh products, ready for consumers.


High Pressure Processing

High Pressure Processing, or HPP, is a cutting-edge food preservation technique that uses high pressure to extend the shelf life of perishable products like our juices, without the need for heat or chemical additives. By subjecting packaged products to intense pressure, typically between 5,000 to 6,000 bar, for a short duration, HPP effectively destroys harmful bacteria and microorganisms while preserving the product’s taste, texture, and nutritional value. This process ensures that the juice remains fresh and safe for consumption while maintaining its natural goodness.

No Heating

Difference With Pasteurized Juices

Many juices or other fruit and vegetable beverages in the market are pasteurized or flash-pasteurized, which means that they are heated to 72°C (flash pasteurization) to 85°C (normal pasteurization) to kill bacteria, yet this process compromises freshness and strips away nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants, especially with normal pasteurization. To compensate, they often add vitamins and flavorings to enhance the juice’s appeal. Besides, it’s important to note that pasteurized products do not necessarily need to be stored in the fridge. At The Juicy Group, we prioritize preserving 100% natural ingredients, avoiding any form of heating or additives, ensuring our fruit and vegetable concepts retain their original vitality and nutritional value.


Sustainable Packaging

Our high-speed filling lines effortlessly handle various bottle sizes, from 60 to 5000 ml, catering to both small and customers. Our rPET bottles are all crafted with minimum 50% recycled PET, going up to 100%. Attached caps ensure easy recycling, minimizing waste, and environmental impact. In line with our commitment to eco-friendly packaging solutions, our bottles feature washable labels, facilitating efficient recycling of the entire bottle.