Discover a world of fresh smoothies bursting with a variety of flavors . We expertly blend the finest fruits and vegetables to create flavorful smoothies packed with essential nutrients.

Perfect any Time of Day

Whether it’s morning or afternoon, our smoothies are a delightful choice. Start your day with a chia seed-infused blend for extra fiber, or opt for yogurt for added protein. Later, treat yourself to the sweet taste of a fruity smoothie. Our smoothies are always rich in flavor and nutrients because we use only cold-pressed juices that are never heated.

Experience Freshness Every Day

We offer a range of successful flavor combinations, for retail, foodservice or industry partners. We can offer both branded or private label solutions in traditional flavors but also custom made recipes crafted in collaboration with our partners. This presents you with the opportunity to include premium smoothies with surprising flavors in your selection, only at The Juicy Group.