100% Fruit Ice

Our fruit ice lollies are an ode to freshness, comprising 100% fruit for an unparalleled experience. Crafted from our own cold-pressed juices and smoothies, they are bursting with natural flavors straight from the orchard. Free from added flavors, sweeteners, or artificial colorings, our fruit ice lollies offer a guilt-free treat for any summer day. Don't wait until the next scorching day to enjoy them; they're simply too irresistible to resist.

Indulge in Nature's Bounty with our 100% Fruity Ice Lollies

Let customers of all ages delight in responsible indulgence with our range of fruit ice lollies. Choose from summery classics like watermelon, tropical fruit or our latest addition: the refreshing blueberry, apple and ginger. Explore the endless possibilities in taste and shape for our 100% fruity ice lollies by scheduling an appointment with us. We’re here to tailor our offerings to fit your specific needs and preferences. In addition to the original fruit lollie shape, we can also offer shapes like twinny, push-up, or mini’s. Let’s partner up and create something truly extraordinary together.