The Juicy Lab

The Juicy Group has its own secret ingredient: the Juicy Lab. Our dedicated team of product development experts develop new flavor blends, refine recipes, and thinks outside the box to pioneer innovations. Always based on fresh fruit and vegetables ingredients for both within and beyond the fresh category.

NPD Department

In collaboration with our partners and utilizing our in-house laboratory facilities, we develop fresh concepts rooted in 100% natural, unheated ingredients. Our regionally dedicated development teams enable us to partner with retailers and foodservice brands across Europe, tailoring solutions to fit their unique needs.

Indulge In Truly Fresh Creations

Our secret? Embracing 100% natural ingredients in all our fresh concepts, without added sugars or any unhealthy additives. Cold-pressed daily for peak nutrition, never heated to preserve the richest possible flavor. From juices to smoothies, shots, and ice creams, indulge in our guilt-free, natural delights.

Preserving Nature For Generations To Come

Sustainability is a top priority. Our production process is designed with the environment in mind, from demanding Global Gap and GFSI certifications for suppliers to energy-efficient equipment that minimizes CO2 emissions. We combat waste through innovative HPP techniques and optimize transportation by maximizing pallet efficiency.

Guaranteed Quality

Our commitment to excellence is evident in both taste, quality, service and documentation. Holding all essential certifications, we adhere to stringent regulations, guaranteeing product quality. From meticulous ingredient sourcing, to post-delivery checks, our comprehensive quality assurance process ensures that our products consistently meet the highest standards. Additionally, all fresh concepts undergo daily batch testing, providing you with peace of mind and confidence in every sip.